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About Phi Phi

The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six islands in Thailand, each with its own charm. The two most inhabited are Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, with Koh Phi Phi Don being the largest of all. This island is split into two sections named Ton Sai and Lo Dalam, which are connected by a thin strip of sand which the ocean hugs from either side. The festive beach atmosphere attracts many holiday goers to Ton Sai, as you will find an amazing variety of beach bars and reasonably priced accommodation. Lo Dalam is far more isolated and home to many high-end, luxury resorts. Phi Phi Leh is home to Maya Bay, famous for being the setting for the movie The Beach. The Maya Bay cluster offers a true paradise island experience, with beautiful rock formations and clear blue waters which open up the spectacular marine life for your exploration.

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Go to Maya Bay

At the top of this list for a number of reasons, visiting Phi Phi Leh is an experience that offers unique appeal. The island itself has many small beaches, some entirely engulfed by the ocean during high tide. The main beach, Maya beach is a spectacle on its own, with the softest white sand you will find anywhere in Thailand, welcoming a shoreline with a colourful coral floor housing an exceptional array of exotic fish visible in the crystal waters. Travel tip: Better to go early and avoid the tourist traffic to secure your holiday in paradise.


Enjoy the Beach Parties

Lo Dalam beach is home to the best beach party scene on Koh Phi Phi and maybe even Thailand. With places like Slinky Beach Bar providing everything you need for an amazing night out. There are a variety of entertainment options, drinks, food, and live music to help create a truly festive holiday atmosphere which is all enhanced by the silky soft sand between your toes.


Visit Phi Phi Viewpoint

Reward yourself physically and visually by reaching this 600 foot Thailand viewpoint. The hike has hundreds of steps and twists, but the end result is an amazing panoramic view of Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don unique to this peak. Best to go at sunrise or sunset for a truly unbelievable holiday photo opportunity.


Hang out on Monkey Beach

Monkey beach allows holidaymakers to get close to some land-based wildlife on Phi Phi Don, Thailand, where monkeys living in the mountains descend to the beaches upon your arrival in the hopes of being fed. You’ll be encouraged to feed the surprisingly tame monkeys, although it’s best to stay on high alert while doing so, they’re still wild animals after all.


Sunset by Kayak

You can rent a kayak yourself or arrange a kayak tour, with sunset tours heading out on ocean kayaks to Wang Long Bay. The calm, blue Thailand water creates a beautiful visual with the sun disappearing behind the horizon that is made even more special by seeing it from the water. Travel tip: There are many tour operators offering the same thing so explore your options.


Check out Thai boxing

Embrace what has become a Thailand cultural staple and get down to The Reggae Bar to watch some Thai boxing. The bar offers huge buckets of alcohol, and even the chance to test yourself in the ring with the winner winning a bucket of booze for their table. Local matches are scheduled nightly, with the occasional big ticket professional bout raising the stakes as well as the atmosphere.


Go Rock Climbing

If you’re up for some testing adventure on your holiday, Koh Phi Phi’s jagged landscape and steep Thailand cliffs offer a perfect location for rock climbing. You can arrange a tour that will boat you to one of the islands limestone rock faces suited to climbing, with the views from the top being extraordinary, plus you will feel like you’ve earned it!


Visit the Village at Loh Bagao

Discover one of Phi Phi’s last secrets and pay the Village at Loh Bagao a visit on your holiday. Developed in a previously unknown area, the village’s bars and restaurants are typically made of bamboo and thatch, offering a more authentic jungle Thailand village. Travel there via long tail boat from Ton Sai Bay.


Get Wet & Wild At A Pool Party

Engage in the age-old Western tradition of boozy pool parties, with Phi Phi’s running from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. There are two places which specialise in pool parties on the island, with Ibiza hosting every Wednesday and Sunday, and PP Princess Pool Party every Friday.


Booze Cruise

Who doesn’t love a booze cruise while on holiday? Captain Bob’s will take you to some of the most gorgeous places around Phi Phi, Thailand. With lunch, snacks, snorkelling, kayaking, and of course plenty of booze all included in the day’s fun and adventure. The boat departs from Tonsai Bay and runs from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


Shop Tonsai

Tonsai Village is Phi Phi’s commercial centre, with shops selling an amazing assortment of Thailand goods and wears. You can browse clothing to jewellery and trinkets during the day, to eateries, tour shops, and dive shops at night. The large, bustling area is only accessible via footpaths that connect the shops and restaurants, so you never need to look over your shoulder for oncoming traffic.


Swim at Moo Dee Bay

This isolated slice of tropical paradise is located on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. It is devoid of any formal infrastructure, with only a small hut that can provide you with drinks and rental chairs. The beach itself is exquisite and can be accessed via long boat or a short hike. Travel tip: Loh Moo Dee’s beauty does attract quite a few holiday goers, so go early to avoid the crowds.


The three official seasons in Thailand – hot, dry, and wet, are segments of a constant summer holiday. The hot season runs from March through to June, with April and May reaching the highest temperatures throughout the year. The monsoon (wet) season is accompanied by heavy rains and occasional rough seas and can vary from year to year. It can start as early as May on the Andaman sea (Phuket, Phi Phi, and Koh Lipe) although it starts officially in June and continues into November. This starts much later on the Gulf Coast (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao) in October or November, and typically runs into January. Most days it will rain for between one and two hours a day (sometimes only ten minutes) and dry up almost immediately, although in the heat it is often a welcome visitor that seldom overstays. It can, however, be torrential when the rains do appear. December through February is categorised as the dry months, although to tourists it will most likely still feel hotter than “home”. Travel tip: Whenever you decide to grace this summer paradise, be sure to pack light, breathable clothing and plenty of high SPF sunscreen, as you will underestimate the sun at your own expense. At least there is sunlight in abundance for everyone to enjoy.

January is dry season in Phi Phi with lower rainfall averages compared to the rest of the year. The average temperature climbs during this month as the season is heading towards April/May when the hot season begins. You can expect around eight hours of daily sunshine during January, with it increasing steadily all the way through to the hot season. The ocean temperatures will be a balmy 28°C, just 2 down from the year high of 30.
This is the last month in Thailand’s, dry season and sees rainfall of only 30 mm over three days on average, the driest of all months in the year. Average temperatures sit around 28°C with 33 being the average high and 23 the average low, with the humidity at 75%. Sunshine hours increase to nine per day and begin dropping in March. In February the ocean temperatures average at 29°C, only a single degree lower than the year high of 30.
The hot season in Thailand begins! March sees the temperatures rise to a 29°C average with highs averaging 34°C and lows 23°C. Humidity sticks around at 75% which will rise steadily as the months proceed. Expect eight daily sunshine hours, down from February’s nine, as wet days increase this month. The beautiful Andaman Sea remains at a warm 29°C during March.
The second month of the hot season, and everything is on the rise. Average temperature is 29°C with highs of 34°C and lows of 24°C, the ocean temperature rises to an amazing 30°C, the highest it will get all year, and humidity is up to 80%. 150 mm descends from the heavens over ten days of the month , and sunshine hours are at an average of nine per day which is also a year high.

May represents the official end of the dry season as monsoon season approaches, with rainfall increasing to 200 mm over 16 to 18 days of the month. As a result, humidity rises from April’s 80%, while average temperatures remain at 29°C with highs at 32°C and lows at 25°C. Once again sunshine hours drop to eight hours per day, while ocean temperatures remain reliable as ever at 30°C, their year-long high.
In Phi Phi, the average rainfall increases in June with 240 mm falling over 16-18 of the month, but showers are now beginning to become shorter and stronger. The average temperatures remain steady from last month at a 29°C average with highs of 32°C and lows of 25°C, although humidity is up to 85%, so you may feel a tad on the sticky side. Sunlight hours reach their year-long low at seven per day due to frequent cloud cover, while oceans remain the same at 30°C.
Rainfall this month is at 300 mm over 18 to 19 days of the month, with rains being short and heavy, although they dry up relatively quickly with the sun and breeze that follow. The Average temperatures will drop to a pleasant 28°C with highs at 31°C and lows at 25°C. July is the official end of the hot season, although, as you may have already noticed, it stays balmy and warm the entire year round. Ocean temperatures are at 30°C which makes water-bound activities an absolute treat, and you can expect eight hours of sunshine per day on average.
Average temperatures this month remain at 28°C with 31°C highs and 25°C lows. Rainfall takes a slight dive to 260 mm falling over 19 days of the month in short, heavy bursts, while your sunshine hours will average at around eight per day. Humidity in August is slightly sticky at 85%, although the cooling breezes after rainfall help with that. The ever-reliable oceans are still amazing and warm at 29°C during August.
September sees rainfall reach year-long highs with the average reaching 400 mm spread over 21 days of the month, more than ten times the rainfall from December to February. The average temperature drops, but is still lovely and warm at a 27°C, with highs at 30°C and lows at 24°C. The humidity follows suit with the rain and reaches year-long highs of 85-90%, but don’t be deterred by either as seven hours of sunshine hours still present ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Ocean temperatures keep rock steady at 29°C, only one degree lower than the high long high of 30°C.
The monsoon season begins to wind down in October, with rainfall dropping by 120 mm at 280 mm over 23 days. Your average sunshine hours in Thailand are still at year-long lows of seven hours per day on average due to the cloud cover that bring showers along with them. Temperatures remain steady at an average 27°C with highs of 31°C and lows of 24°C, while the ocean is still a marvelous 29°C.
November sees the continuing drop in rainfall to 200 mm over the entirety of the month, with the average temperature stable at the year-long low of 27°C with highs at 31°C and lows at 23°C. Average humidity sees a welcome drop to 85%, and the average sunshine hours are at seven per day, which you can expect to increase as the month ends. The Andaman Sea will remain its usual warm and welcoming self at 29°C during November.
December sees a drastic drop in rainfall in Phi Phi, to only 60 mm over 10 to 12 days of the month, and humidity calming all the way down to between 70-75%. This means the end of monsoon season, as rainfall will continue to drop into the dry season to follow. Holiday sunshine hours rise to eight hours a day with cloud cover diminishing, and the seas drop to exceptionally warm year-long lows of 28°C.
These are some of our favourite excursions in Thailand

Recommended Excursions

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Top Beaches

  • Long Beach
  • Loh Dalum
  • Moo Dee Bay
  • Laem Tong

On an island characterised by its white, silky sand beaches, Long Beach is the cream of the crop in this regard. Walk barefoot along this south-west facing Thailand beach with the sand caressing your holiday toes, while enjoying the beautiful view of Phi Phi Leh ahead of you. Alternatively, you can rent snorkelling gear or even a kayak to explore the waters further away from the shore. You can access the beach either by longboat from Tonsai Village or a short jungle hike.

Loh Dalum is undoubtedly a beach with immense beauty, boasting white sandy beaches and clear green Thailand waters, as well as being almost completely enclosed by tall limestone cliffs. This beach is a very popular holiday destination and has a wide range of bars along its expanse which gives birth to a wonderfully festive atmosphere into the late hours of the night.

The 300-metre white sand Thailand beach of Loh Moo Dee or Moo Dee Bay is a lovely beach which offers a relaxing escape from the busyness of other beaches in the morning hours. Day visitors from Phuket and Krabi are boated in and generally stick around between 12:00 pm – 15:30 pm. There are opportunities to swim or do some snorkelling at each end of the bay, with a Rasta-run establishment serving food and drinks all day long.

If relaxing in a secluded tropical paradise is more your speed on holiday then Laem Tong is perfect for you. This beach is only accessible by boat, and so foot traffic is not a problem at all. This northeastern Thailand gem provides a direct contrast to Tonsai Village.

Where to Eat & Drink

Restaurants & Bars

Phi Phi’s growing reputation as a holiday hotspot has given birth to buzzing nightlife and a wide range of delectable local Thailand cuisine.




The lovechild of Thailand and Western owners, Anna’s restaurant offers the best of both worlds in a blend of exquisite culinary fusion. Thai meals are full of intense flavours and plenty of spice, while the Western options are served in hearty portions, which is nice. The perfect choice if want to mix home with Thailand.



Grand PP Arcade

Grand PP Arcade offers a romantic and laid back holiday atmosphere, with the décor characterised by wooden Thailand benches and dangling lanterns to enhance the ambient feel. The restaurant is easily located in Tonsai Village, and serves fantastic Thai food for all meals of the day at agreeable prices.



Buffalo Head

Situated in Loh Bagao Village, Buffalo Head offers an authentic Thailand dining experience with an addition of pizza as an option. It’s rustic décor, location, and exceptional prices make it an absolute must in our books, and is easily accessible if you’re holiday is on the same side of the island.




Situated in the heart of Phi Phi Don’s buzzing centre, making it an ideal stop before heading out to explore the island’s beach bars. The prices are a little steep, but a spotless open kitchen offers a culinary experience starting at the preparation, and they offer a great range of Thai, Mexican, and Scandinavian options.