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About Koh Samui

Koh Samui is situated in the gulf of Thailand, and at 227.8 square kilometers is one of the largest islands of all. By renting a scooter or taxi, the islands massive ring road makes it incredibly easy to explore its every edge, with the island having a little bit of everything for everyone’s holiday needs. The island’s beautiful beaches provide the perfect areas for relaxing or embracing your fun side depending on where you are, while the dense rainforest filled mountains will allow you ample opportunity for exploring the natural wonders it holds. You will find most of the island’s nightlife and shopping in Chaweng, exquisite beaches perfect for soaking up the sun in Maenam, unparalleled eating experiences and adorable shops in Bohphut Fisherman’s Village, and something for the romantics in Lamai, where life seems to slow down just for you. It’s no wonder so many tourists pick Samui as the perfect beach holiday destination, it is a truly magnificent place with so much to offer.

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Hire a Scooter & Explore

Exploring what the island has to offer is essential at every destination in Thailand, so hire a scooter and navigate Samui’s nooks and crannies. Scooters will allow you to go anywhere and park anywhere, just remember to keep your wits about you, as traffic can be a bit unpredictable. Convenience meets exploration, definitely worth doing while on your holiday if you’re comfortable on two wheels.


Shop Chaweng

If material goods are what you’re after, look no further than Chaweng. The beachfront area is buzzing with vendors and shopping centres waiting to make you a great deal on anything you could possibly ask for, so go ahead and splash a bit of cash while on holiday. Travel tip: Almost nowhere in Thailand will have a fixed price on any item, so feel free to barter the price as low as the vendor is willing to go. Walking away after naming your “highest” price usually, does the trick.


Go See the Big Buddha

The Big Buddha stands a mighty 12 metres tall and towers above the Samui coast. This magnificent golden sculpture is available for all to view and offers a spiritual aesthetic unlike any other on the island for its sheer size and significance.


Visit the Temples

One of the most fascinating things about travelling through Thailand is embracing its foreign culture, and the Buddhist temples in Samui allow a glimpse of exactly that. Wat Phra Yai and Wat Plai are the most revered of all on the island, with holidaymakers flocking to stroll inside the temples and their grounds, experiencing the vast cultural significance and aesthetic beauty. Travel tip: You will likely have to remove your shoes upon entering a temple, so wear ones you can easily slip on and off. Women will also be required to cover up their chests and shoulders when entering the temple, but there are usually light scarves provided for coverage.


Go swim in the Waterfalls

You won’t be at a loss for natural beauty when leaving the gorgeous coastline with the Samui mountains having many easily accessible waterfalls. These magnificent cascading waters offer a cool reprieve from the humidity of the jungle and are more than easy on the eye. Na Muang is among Hello Island’s favourites, with a pool at the bottom for your enjoyment. Hikes are done at a leisurely pace so don’t be intimidated, and the reward is worth the effort. Travel tip: Take your own water to stay hydrated, you lose a lot of fluid through sweating in the jungle.


Go relax at Silver Beach

Overflowing with jaw-dropping natural beauty, the 250-metre expanse of Silver Beach ( or Crystal Bay) offers a more relaxed atmosphere than beaches in Chaweng, and more lively than the romantic slow motion of Lamai. This golden mean is on the northeastern coast and offers snorkelling and kayaking among others if you’re not content with simply absorbing the sun’s rays while on holiday in Thailand.


Visit the Jungle Club

Grab a sundowner with your travel companions and enjoy a delicious meal at this easy-going mountain resort. Situated high in the hills between Chaweng and Lamai, the Jungle Club allows you to marvel at the spectacular views of Chaweng Bay and the Gulf of Thailand from their wooden deck, or in a more intimate bamboo sala Thai. Being intertwined with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, it will provide a remarkably relaxing and pleasant time there, a lovely way to spend your holiday.


Fisherman’s Village

This former French outpost on Bohphut Beach offers a variety of boutique shops, bars and restaurants, which close down the main street on Friday nights to create a buzzing street market atmosphere. Fisherman’s Village harks back to its Mediterranean past and offers wears and food aplenty. The atmosphere is unique on the island and certainly worth experiencing while you holiday in Samui.


Watch a Ladyboy Show

What would a holiday to Thailand be without perpetuating a national stereotype? The extravagance and pageantry that is on show will have you absolutely awe-struck. The ladyboy shows in Samui are extremely well put together, with everything from lighting, choreography, and musical selection, with all aspects executed to perfection. This one-of-a-kind evening out will make you ask some intimate questions, of that there is no doubt, but it is tremendous fun and the performers are incredible professionals. A must-see in the opinion of Hello Islands.


Relax at a Spa

Choosing the best spas in Koh Samui is a true challenge we endured for your benefit. Koh Samui offers some of the best spas in Thailand but luckily we have two clear favourites so you don’t have to do any guesswork. On Samui’s Northern tip you will find Six Senses Samui, a luxury spa that overlooks the picturesque Northern coastline. It has an impressive variety of treatments, with each treatment room being a luxury jungle hut. The showstopper, however, is Tamarind Spring Spa. With the staff required to study yoga and meditation daily, their presence is meant to soothe guests, adding to the overall experience. The outdoor massage rooms add to a unified feeling with your natural surrounds, with the Spa also offering springs and saunas built into a large rock. This section of Spa heaven is found off the ring road between Chaweng and Lamai. So go ahead and spoil yourself while on holiday in Samui.


Fly through the Jungle

Get your pulse racing while enjoying the jungled mountains of Koh Samui. Zip-lining is one of the more adventurous options while on holiday on this lovely island, and we’re all about adventure. The thick jungle allows for incredible tree top travel. Travel tip: There are numerous options available to you so shop around before making a final decision.


Beach Dining

One of Koh Samui’s highlights is the range of beachside dining that is available to you. Between Chaweng and Lamai you are spoiled for choice with restaurants lining the coast, so pick somewhere, take in the views of the ocean, and enjoy sumptuous Thai cuisine with the sand between your toes.This is what beach holiday dreams are made of. Travel tip: Be careful of menus that do not contain a price list. Some tend to charge tourists more so make sure you come to a happy price before ordering your meal.


The three official seasons in Thailand – hot, dry, and wet, are segments of a constant summer holiday. The hot season run from March through to June, with April and May reaching the highest temperatures throughout the year. The monsoon (wet) season is accompanied by heavy rains and occasional rough seas, and can vary from year to year. It can start as early as May on the Andaman sea (Phuket, Phi Phi, and Koh Lipe) although it starts officially in June and continues into November. This starts much later on the Gulf Coast (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao) in October or November, and typically runs into January. Most days it will rain for between one and two hours a day (sometimes only ten minutes) and dry up almost immediately, although in the heat it is often a welcome visitor that seldom overstays. It can, however, be torrential when the rains do appear. December through February are categorized as the dry months, although to tourists it will most likely still feel hotter than “home”. Travel tip: Whenever you decide to grace this summer paradise, be sure to pack light, breathable clothing and plenty of high SPF sunscreen, as you will underestimate the sun at your own expense. At least there is sunlight in abundance for everyone to enjoy.

January falls in the dry season for Koh Samui with minimal cloud cover and a few rainy days. You can expect 90 mm of rain to fall over seven days throughout the month, with the chance of rain decreasing as the month proceeds. As the weather changes, you can expect different types of rainfall, with light rain being most prevalent, and only a single thunderstorm occurring on average during January. The average temperature is a very manageable 26°C, with highs of 28°C and lows of 24°C.
February is one of the driest months of the calendar year for Koh Samui, with a total of 30 mm of rain falling over five days throughout. Temperatures increase from January to an average of 27°C, with highs of 29°C and lows of 25°C. The reduced cloud cover means plenty of sunshine hours, an average of eight, in fact, while humidity is lower than usual as well. These conditions are ideal for holidaymakers looking to soak up the sun without worrying about rainfall.
March is the driest month of the year for Koh Samui, with 30 mm of rainfall occurring over just four days throughout. The temperatures take a jump to an average of 29°C, with highs of 31°C and lows of 26°C, not offering much relief from the Thailand heat. Cloud cover is at its lowest and you can expect an average of eight hours of sunshine per day, with the 16th of March statistically being the clearest day of the entire year.
April is a month of rising temperatures in Koh Samui, as the month starts highs are at 31°C, and by the time it ends they are a sweltering 33°C, with lows rising from 26°C to 27°C as the month progresses. Rainfall increases slightly from March to 80 mm of rain falling over five rainy days, with eight hours of sunshine still expected on average per day. The ocean is a warm 28°C throughout the month, where it will remain until September.

As cloud cover sees a steep rise in May for Koh Samui, the rainfall increases to 160 mm expected over nine days throughout the month. Sunshine hours also drop to six, down from April’s eight, although that has not affected the sweltering Thailand temperatures, as this is the hot season after all. An average temperature of 30°C sees highs of 33°C and lows of 26°C. The increased rainfall during this month also means the humidity will be on the rise.
June sees a slight drop in both rainfall as well as temperature in Koh Samui. The average temperature is at 29°C, with highs of 32°C and lows of 26°, while 100 mm of rain is expected to fall over nine days of the month. Sunshine hours per day remain at six, with cloud cover percentages in the 80’s all month. The ocean remains its reliable self at 28°C for the month.
July brings much the same as its predecessor, with temperatures remaining at an average of 29°C in Koh Samui, although as highs stay at 32°C, lows drop a single degree to 25°C. The average rainfall increases ever so slightly to 120 mm expected over nine days of the month, with an average of six hours of sunshine per day. The ocean temperatures are consistent at 28°C.
August is part of the wet half of the hot season for Koh Samui, and sees rainfall of 100 mm expected over ten rainy days throughout the month. Temperatures mimic that of July as an average of 29°C sees highs of 32°C and lows of 25°C. Six sunshine hours are due to the increased cloud cover, while humidity is in the upper percentiles due to the combination of heat and wet weather. The ocean is still a balmy and pleasant 28°C for the duration of the month.
September signals the beginning of the monsoon season for Koh Samui as temperatures decrease slightly and rainfall increases. The average is down to 28°C, with highs of 31°C and lows of 25°C, while 130 mm of rain is expected to fall over 11 days of the month. You can expect six sunshine hours per day, still plenty of time to enjoy your destination as well as an amazing ocean temperature of 28°C.
October is in the middle of monsoon season for Koh Samui, meaning heavy rainfall over many days. You can expect 290 mm of precipitation over 16 days of the month, with sunshine hours remaining at an average of six per day. The temperature dips slightly to an average of 27°C with highs of 30°C and lows of 24°C. The ocean’s temperature drops a single degree to 27°C during this month as well.
November represents Thailand’s wettest month by quite some distance, with 430 mm of rainfall over 15 of its days. The average temperature in Koh Samui stays at 27°C, although highs drop to 29°C and lows remain at 24°C. Although this month is the monsoon season’s peak, it begins to clear up towards the end of the month, with rainfall becoming less likely as it progresses. Six hours of sunshine can be expected on average per day, with ocean temperatures at 27°C throughout the month.
December signals the transition from the wet to dry season as the skies begin to show their true-blue selves, rainfall decreases, and sunshine hours rise. Temperatures remain steady at an average of 27°C, with highs of 29°C and lows of 24°C, while 150 mm of rainfall over nine days and seven sunshine hours show that monsoon season is well and truly past. Ocean temperatures remain as reliable as ever at 27°C.
These are some of our favourite excursions in Thailand

Recommended Excursions


Top Beaches

  • Choeng Mon Beach
  • Chaweng Beach
  • Lamai Beach
  • Silver Beach (Crystal Bay)
  • Maenam Beach

Near the island’s Big Buddha along the northeastern coastline, Choeng Mon Beach’s isolation gives it an otherworldly quality. This getaway bay is beautiful in its serenity, with the sounds of clear surf breaking over the granite rock formations providing the perfect soundtrack for your beach holiday in Thailand.

This, the island’s flagship beach, has become the most frequented by holidaymakers and has a fantastically friendly, lively atmosphere. As a result of its popularity, Chaweng has grown into the largest and busiest town on the island, just south of Choeng Mon in the northeast. Expect there to be no shortage of bars and restaurants along its expanse to enjoy as the day passes.

Detached from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng, Lamai Beach offers a far more relaxing tranquil beach experience. Lie back and soak up the sun or enjoy a peaceful swim in the clear, warm waters. Despite its seclusion, no expense is spared when looking for drinks, food, or shops.

A well-kept secret from most holiday makers, Silver beach lies between Chaweng and Lamai, and cannot be spotted from the road like most other beaches on the Koh Samui. Making the effort to find it will see you handsomely rewarded with some of the most spectacular, idyllic beach living you’ll find on the island. Shallow, crystal clear waters make the beach perfect for snorkelling, and on shore, you will enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the soft white sand. For those who feel like food and drinks, there is also a small beach bar and restaurant to be enjoyed.

Peaceful, immaculate, and the best while on holiday in Samui for watersports, Maenam Beach lies west of Choeng Mon and is an amazing place to spend your day. The water is not as clear as other beaches on the island due to the winds and currents that make it popular for windsurfers, but the views are simply incredible. There are also plenty of places for you to fill your belly, so you can extend your stay at your leisure.

Where to Eat & Drink

Restaurants & Bars

Koh Samui’s incredible selection of eateries will have you spoiled for choice, as the island has become a destination for the delicious cuisine of all descriptions for many holidaymakers. From traditional Thai to fusion, the flavours of Samui are available for your exploration. Travel tip: Make sure that if the menu does not have set prices that you agree on one with your waitron before ordering.




With one of the most impressive and diverse menus in Samui, Boabab is a beach club and restaurant that is amazing and inclusive in equal measure. Located on Lamai Beach’s southern edge serves up western, French, and Thai that doesn’t skimp on quality, and if you like, will be served to you while you recline on one of their assigned beach loungers.




With dining with your toes in the sand as a customer favourite, and a measly 600 metres to the East of Maenam Walking Street, Zenzibar Beach Bar is a fantastic laid back dining option while you holiday in Thailand. A welcoming open plan seating area awaits you, as well as very affordable Thai and international cuisine.



The Mother

A tourist hotspot because it satisfies all your authentic Thai wants and needs, The Mother on Main Street Choengmon does Thai with taste and full of passion. A perfect culinary companion for your Thailand holiday, the staff's friendliness as well as attentiveness creates a fantastic atmosphere that the prices only enhance.



Khaw Glong

Khaw Glong is a tremendous little spot directly off Chaweng Beach Road. To say the food is delicious is an understatement, and it’s due to them gathering fresh, local produce daily. The combination of the freshest food you are likely to find in Samui and fantastic menu made Hello Islands eager repeat visitors while we holiday in Thailand.