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Bamboo & Mosquito Island

Bamboo island is most popular for its soft, white sand beaches which in turn creates the clearest waters you are likely to come across on your holiday in all of Phi Phi, Thailand. The island is part of the Marine National Park for its remarkable and undisturbed natural beauty and considers nomadic sea gypsies and Marine Park rangers as its only inhabitants. You will have the chance to go snorkelling along the coral reef about 50 metres off-shore, or simply relax and soak up the views from the comfort of the beach, with crowds never reaching an overbearing number. This small island can be traversed around its edges in about half an hour and will cost you 400 THB per person to enter. Mosquito Island lies 2.5 kilometres from the northern tip of Koh Phi Phi Don and is entirely uninhabited. As it is currently shut off to the public by the national parks department to allow the natural beauty of the reefs and island itself to recover, you will be able to snorkel near the island and appreciate its scenic landscape from the water. Longtail boat is the vehicle of choice for this excursion, and if you choose to do a full package, you can include the famous Maya Bay in your trip.


Full Day:
Boat Price from: 2,500 THB

Half Day:
Boat Price from: 1,800 THB

National Park Fee: 400 THB per person

bamboo & mosquito island

Tour Details

  • You can hire a private longtail boat anywhere in Tonsai
  • There are many operators standing everywhere in the streets
  • Book your boat the day before
  • Prices are normally per boat and not per person
  • One longtail boat takes a maximum of 8 people
  • Take your own snorkeling equipment
  • Buy your own snacks and drinks for the day (Are there no drinks or snacks provided for the length of the excursion)
  • Go early to avoid the crowds