the challenging


SkyTrex is a canopy trek built inside a lush Langkawi rainforest and is a uniquely challenging, adrenaline-filled experience. It involves movement from tree to tree as you trek through the forest’s treetops by flying, swinging, and dangling as you traverse various obstacles suspended above the forest. You will deal with suspension bridges, pipes, and cables that stretch out to a length of 700 metres in this expedition, all while in the midst of the jungle’s lush greenery. There are three different circuits ranging in difficulty. Little Legend, which has 23 obstacles is meant for beginners, as well as an “all ages” option. Eagle Thrill which has an intermediate difficulty, and includes 29 different challenges. Island Extreme is the advanced option which incorporates 33 challenges and is guaranteed to pump you full of adrenaline while enjoying your Langkawi holiday.


Little Legend Adventure: RM 45 – 50
Eagle Thrill: RM 55 – 60
Island Extreme: RM 65 – 70

Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Obstacles: 18 – 33
Highest Platform: 23m – 30m
Difficulty Level: Beginners – Advanced



  • First is Little legend adventure (beginner) –Designed specifically for little ones in mind, although adults and teenagers can join in as well. There are 23 obstacles in Little Legend, with heights of three to five metres through the course. Each challenge is exciting in a new way and is sure to provide fun with a manageable level.
  • Second is Eagle thrill (Intermediate) -Eagle Thrill steps it up a notch with 29 obstacles that reach heights of 11 metres. You will engage in eight “flying fox” challenges, and five of each horizontal, climbing, and descending challenges among others. This more demanding course will begin to get the pulses racing amidst the beauty of the jungle.
  • Last is Island extreme (Advanced) -This, the toughest of the lot, is a 33 obstacle course that will test your bravery, strength and stamina, with obstacles reaching 15 metres in height. This course includes 15 “flying fox” challenges, five horizontal challenges, and three of each climbing and descending. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment as well as have seen the stunning forested landscape at its most extreme.