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Deep in the beautiful, and 450 million years old, Machincang mountain range, lies the Langkawi SkyCab. This holiday adventure of a lifetime sees you enter a cable car for a 15-minute-long ascent up to the mountain’s peak, a journey that sees you 708 metres above the ground, and with the most incredible views of the island. You’ll be treated to views of the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) waterfall, the surrounding forest, as well as the ocean. Once you reach the top, you’ll be traversing the SkyGlide, a mountain route that takes you to the equally awe-inspiring SkyBridge. The SkyBridge is a suspension bridge that hangs in a curvature between two mountaintops, taking you above a ravine dense with lush, green forest. This combination of height and beauty while out in the openness of the SkyBridge gives one a uniquely open and spacious experience, while also making you keenly aware of your position high above the ground. All these attractions and sensory marvels are a part of Panorama Langkawi, a unique experience on the island that gives you a deep appreciation for the extremes of its natural surrounds. Hello Islands couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


SkyCab only: RM30- RM55
Combo: RM40-RM70
Express Lane: RM90- RM105

panorama langkawi


  • SkyCab -This 708 metre ascend into the Langkawi heavens is the steepest cable car ride on the planet, and takes you up to Mount Machinchang’s second tallest peak. You’ll have beautiful views of the 450 million-year-old mountain, which is also the oldest rock formation in South East Asia.
  • SkyGlide -SkyGlide is much like an elevator encasing which operates onto a monorail, moving upwards and downwards depending on the environment. This trip takes you to SkyBridge, and the panoramic glass finish allows you to have amazing views of the surrounding forest and its wildlife.
  • SkyBridge -This suspension bridge stands at approximately 700 metres above sea level. That’s remarkably high for a bridge of any sort. The bridge is suspended by an 82m high single pylon and hangs about 100 metres above the jungled canopy. While on the bridge, holidaymakers will have a spectacular view of the mountain range and as far out to the horizon as the cloud cover will let you.
  • 3D Art Langkawi -Within the vicinity of Oriental Village lies the 3D Art Museum, a wonderland of over 100 interactive, three-dimensional pieces of art painted by artists from all over the world. This initiative is in partner with Art in Paradise Langkawi and allows holidaymakers to get a taste of artistic culture in an extra dimension.
  • SkyDome -A relatively recent feature to the attractions list, SkyDome offers you an immersive and interactive showcase as you strap in and engage with the visuals that are shown all around you. You will travel to space, fly, and explore the ocean’s depths, all while you’re waiting to get on the SkyCab!
  • SkyRex -Experience a 4D thrill ride with SkyRex, as you travel on a simulated journey that incorporates sight, smell, touch, and sound to create full immersion. The curved screen provides your narrative, and the finer details are left to the senses.
  • 6D Cinemotion -The 6D Cinemotion combines five-dimensional special effects seats with a three-dimensional stereoscopic movie. You will experience a sensory barrage as you are exposed to movement, sights, smells, and atmospheric alterations.