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Round the Island Snorkel

Hop on a longtail boat and prepare to see Koh Tao in a way that will give you a deep appreciation for its extraordinary beauty. A longtail will take you on a private, around-the-island-tour that is all about you. You choose which bays to visit, where to stop and do some snorkelling, and how long to spend at each spot. Hello Islands has our favourites of course: Koh Nang Yuan, Mango Bay, Hin Wong Bay, Tanote Bay, Sai Nuan Beach, Shark Bay, Laem Thian, Aow Leuk, Sai Daeng Beach, and Freedom Beach. Taking a map along with you will help identify the landmarks, and recognise when one of the previously mentioned areas is approaching. It is possible to see everything in a day, but time management is key in that respect. The east coast of Koh Tao holds some of the most secluded and rewarding beaches on the island, as they are tricky to get to by motorbike or taxi, making this trip a perfect opportunity to explore them! These beaches hold unbelievable beauty on and off shore, while you’re ensured an intimate interaction with your surroundings due to the lack of crowds. The longtail drivers will usually supply snorkelling gear, but it is good to check beforehand, and possibly even bring your own. The tour will give you an experience incomparable to any other tour on the island, and truly maximises the island’s most awe-inspiring elements. This is one that will fill up your Thailand holiday highlights reel.


Boat Price: 2000 – 3000 THB
Koh Nang Yuan Visitors Fee: 100 Baht per person

Pick-up: 9:30am
Return Transfer: 5:00pm

round the island snorkel


  • The best place to book this tour is at Sairee Beach next to Lotus Bar
  • The price is per boat and not per person, and you can negotiate the price
  • No food or drinks are included, so make sure to take your own food and snacks with for the day
  • Some of these longtail boat operators might have snorkelling equipment, but we advise to take your own