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Koh Tao Rock Climbing

Granite rock scatters the Koh Tao landscape, being most prevalent along the coast, creating beautiful cliffs, as well as in its jungled hills. So if you are adventure seeking or a bit of an adrenaline junkie while on holiday in Thailand, this will suit your needs. Most climbing sites will be quite secluded and you can climb unperturbed by too much traffic, allowing you to fully focus on your technique and make the best of the extraordinary scenery. The most popular climbing spots on the island are Mek’s Mountain, Secret Garden in Sairee Town, and Front Yard and Back Yard in Chalok Baan Kao. The local climbing shops will provide courses and guides, while an indoor bouldering wall is also available on the island for you to practice on. Abseiling is also an option if that’s more your style, with a 30-metre descent, more than enough to get your heart racing while appreciating the view.


Price: 2,200 – 5,600 THB

hoh tao rock climbing

Tour Includes

  • Full equipment rental
  • Taxi to and from the mountain
  • Expert coaching and pointers from experienced instructors