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Full Moon Party

In the not-so-distant past, a group of travellers found that Koh Phangan’s full moon was a cut above the rest, and arranged a party on the popular Haad Rin Beach to celebrate it. The beaches location, size, and crescent shape make it perfect for the immense gathering, as the moon appears over the horizon in full view. What went from a small get together has now grown into an epic party with up to 30 000 travellers flocking to Thailand to attend each month. In the twilight, tables are lined up on the beach and thousands of small lamps are lit to create an incredible ambience. Fire dancers, jugglers, fireworks displays, and thousands of beautiful people from around the world will keep your eyes busy throughout the evening. As for your ears, the DJs play deep into the morning with music ranging from drum and bass and hard house to commercial dance and reggae. Drinks are conveniently available all along the beach, WITH BINS PROVIDED FOR WHEN THEY ARE FINISHED, as well as food vendors for when you get peckish/need to sober up a bit. The atmosphere is phenomenal. Koh Phangan’s full moon party meets the loftiest of expectations while giving you something to tick off your party bucket list.


Sunday 12 March 2017
Tuesday 11 April 2017
Thursday 11 May 2017
Friday 09 June 2017
Monday 10 July 2017
Monday 07 August 2017
Tuesday 05 September 2017
Friday 06 October 2017
Friday 03 November 2017
Sunday 03 December 2017
Monday 01 January 2018
Wednesday 31 January 2018
Friday 02 March 2018

full moon party


  • Take a copy of your passport with you, and rather keep your original documents and passports in a secure safe at your resort or hotel.
  • Do not bring your valuables to the party. There are thousands of people and it will be impossible to catch a thief.
  • At the party, you may forget or lose your bags, so it’s better if you leave them at the resort.
  • Bring enough money for the drinks and keep it attached to yourself.
  • Take the resorts contact information  in case of emergency.
  • Wear shoes to protect your feet from broken bottles but do not wear the expensive ones.
  • Take good care of your camera, if you loose that you dont only loose the camera but all the memories you have on it too.
  • Keep away from drugs, no matter what anyone says. Someone might try to sell them to you but remember drugs are illegal in Thailand.
  • Do not eat or drink anything that is offered by strangers.
  • Be careful when jumping over the fire ropes. They can hurt you very badly.
  • Stay out of the ocean, everyone uses the ocean as their personal toilet during the party.